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▼ Faris [ OU ]
Birthday: October 11
Astrology Sign: Libra
Soul Arcana: The Sun
Unlucky Arcana: The Magician , The Chariot, Death & Judgement
String Color: [#A10568]
Persona User Level: 3 (reaches Level Max in December 2013)

▼ Personality Snapshot
Doesn't care what others think about her, for the most part. Very courageous, will rush into danger if a close friend is defenseless. Relentlessly pursues her own goals.

▼ Visual
▶ [ Yoshitaka Amano's character concept art]
▶ [Appearance as a "Freelancer" (how she usually looks)]
▶ [Sprite sheet including every job not from the GBA port... and frogs and Mini!selves]

▼ Profile
▶ [Application]
▶ [HMD]
▶ [Inbox / Phone Post]
▶ [Persona(s)]
▶ [Social Links]
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Out Of Character Information
Name: Awe | [[personal profile] awestriker]
Age: 21
Time zone: GMT-7
Contact: AIM: awestrikernova, PLURK: awestriker
Anything we should know?:

In Character Information
Name: Faris (full name: Sarisa 'Faris' Scherwiz Tycoon, but please just call her Faris)
Series: Final Fantasy V
Canon Standing: Post-game
Age: 20
Birthday & Astrology Sign: October 11 (Libra)
Arcana: Sun


the surface
Faris is a rough-n-tumble pirate captain. What she wants, she gets, and she doesn't care what you think about it or what's in the way of getting it. Her "Courage" led her to be chosen as a Warrior of Light by her world's Fire Crystal, and she certainly has more than enough of it for herself and her friends alike. She has a tendency to complain when faced with an unfavorable situation, although what exactly constitutes "unfavorable" seems to vary wildly. Either way, she presents a strong, masculine image since she used to think that a female pirate was an odd, even unthinkable thing, often barking out orders with a little derision. She doesn't really mean anything by it. That said, she values the loyalty and friendship of others, since she thanks her crew before separating from them. However, she tends to refer to herself as male... until proven otherwise.

Her first encounter with Lenna awakened something beyond that within her. The other girl wore a pendant just like her own, and she wanted to know why. And so the next morning, instead of ransoming her like she'd suggested the previous day, Faris decides to help her and her little tagalong friends out, but only so she could find out what the deal with that was. Seeing the King of Tycoon, her father, in the Wind Shrine only served to intensify it, and she became fiercely protective of Lenna - possibly the only link to her sweeter past as Princess Sarisa. An early example features Lenna being hit by a poison dart and cornered by another bounty hunter on the other end of a wide chasm. Undeterred, Faris just jumps over and runs for her; not even the subsequent collapse of her landing point is able to stop her, as she just climbs the sheer face of the mountain (before promptly and near-instantaneously setting up an impromptu bridge so that Bartz and Galuf can cross - she always has rope, apparently.)

Deep down, she is an individual very concerned for the well-being of her friends, and her family - she can't bring herself to call her father anything other than "Papa". She knows, without a doubt, that she's actually Lenna's older sister and a princess of Tycoon, but she's never going to tell anyone if she can help it. She takes her losses hard, as the apparent and subsequent actual death of her companion sea... beast... thing??? Syldra took a visible toll on her: even the mention of her would cause Faris' mood to drop significantly. Reclaiming this friend of hers in the form of a summoning spell has mostly alleviated that, though. But more than that, she also does anything she can to prevent those losses from ever happening in the first place.

"I'm just not cut out for being a princess, I'm afraid. Pirating's much
more my style."

Which one of you decided to maroon me back there?

Canon Powers:
Faris uses the powers of her world's Crystals to access the skills and abilities of formerly living legendary heroes. While directly borrowing a hero's spirit through a matching Crystal piece, she slowly becomes able to use that hero's skills in her "Freelancer" class, which doesn't require a Crystal piece and is her "default" class. However, she can only use two non-passive skills at a time.

The jobs and skills she has mastered are the following: ([Weapon] indicates that the ability has the same attribute as whatever weapon Faris is using.)

> Cover: If any ally is at low HP, Faris will step in and take an attack for them as long as the attack didn't also target Faris. [Passive], but only works if she wants it to.
> Guard: Replaces Defend. Guarding completely nullifies physical damage, in addition to reducing other types of damage. [Physical]
> Doublehand: If Faris is using a normally one-handed weapon with two hands, its damage is doubled. [Passive], but also conditional.
> Equip Shields/Armor/Swords: Allowed jobs that couldn't use these equipment types to wield them anyway. Kind of a moot point now. [Passive]

> Berserk: Causes Faris to be in Rage status for as long as she is in combat. Rage caused by Berserk cannot be removed. [Passive/Mind], and obviously only works if she wants it to.
> Equip Axes: Allowed jobs that couldn't use them to wield not only axes but also hammers. Kind of a moot point now. [Passive]

> Calm: Temporarily prevents Beast-type enemies from taking actions. [Mind]
> Control: Attempts to inflict the Controlled status on one enemy. For as long as that enemy is inflicted with Control, Faris uses her turn to dictate what the enemy does on its turn. Control fails to work against bosses, for obvious reasons. [Mind]
> Catch: Allows Faris to attempt to catch one enemy. Once caught, it can be Released, which uses a random skill or physical attack from its moveset. Also fails against bosses. [Mind]
> Equip Whips: Allowed jobs that couldn't use them to wield whips. Kind of a moot point now. [Passive]

> Gaia: A magic attack that behaves randomly. Its effects depend on the terrain Faris is battling in, and the full list of Gaia effects is visible here. Branch Arrow, Branch Spear and Bindweed are [Physical], Quicksand and Stalactite are [Earth], Poison Mist is [Mind], Whirlpool is [Water], Maelstrom, Sonic Boom, and Tornado are [Wind], and Bottomless Bog is [Dark]. [Varies]
> Find Pits: When walking over a pit trap, Faris triggers it but always jumps back before she can fall through it. [Passive]
> Light Step: Faris never takes damage from terrain. [Passive]

> Smoke: Allows Faris and her allies to escape from combat effortlessly. [Mind]
> Image: Creates two illusory duplicates of Faris which cause the next two single-target Physical attacks aimed at Faris to miss. [Mind]
> First Strike: Passively increases the chance enemies will be caught off-guard. [Passive]
> Throw: Tosses one item or weapon from Faris' or an ally's inventory at an enemy to do damage. [Varies by item or weapon thrown]
> Dual-Wield: Allows Faris to use two weapons simultaneously... within reason. [Passive]

> Animals: Summons small woodland creatures to aid in the battle. Doesn't work in Hinoto-Ri due to a general lack of small woodland creatures.
> Aim: A normal physical attack that bypasses Evades and Dodges - it always hits. However, it cannot be used if Faris is Blinded. [Weapon]
> Equip Bows: Allowed jobs that couldn't use them to wield bows. Kind of a moot point now. [Passive]
> Rapid Fire: Launches four normal attacks in succession. Each hit does only half the damage of a normal Attack or Aim, but ignores the target's Defense. [Weapon]

> Hide: Finds a safe place away from combat where Faris can't be attacked. While Hiding, Faris can't use abilities other than Throw. [Mind]
> Sing: Allows Faris to use certain magical songs that provide beneficial effects. Requiem is [Light], and all other Songs are [Mind]. Sinewy Etude, Mana's Paean, Swift Song, and Hero's Rime require absolute concentration and will stop if Faris takes damage.
> Equip Harps: ...I think you get the idea by now.

> Jump: Does no damage when activated. Instead, causes Faris to totally jump hella high. Most attacks completely miss while Jumping, and if Faris is equipped with a spear or certain other weapons the impact will do double damage to the enemy it hits. [Weapon]
> Lancet: Absorbs a little bit of HP and SP from one enemy. [Physical]
> Equip Lances: ...

> Open Fire: Deals non-elemental damage to a random enemy. Also has a 6/16 chance to inflict Poison, 5/16 to Blind, 4/16 to Confuse, and 1/16 to instantly KO. [Physical]
> EXP Up: Increases the amount of experience gained through battling. No effect.
> Combine: Uses cannon ammo and other items to various effects. [Physical] unless stated otherwise.

If another FFV Light Warrior (Bartz, Lenna, Galuf, or Krile) enter the city, Faris will be able to slowly learn whatever abilities that character has mastered by borrowing their Crystal pieces, if they have them.

Canon Weapons|Items:
Faris has an inventory of "standard JRPG items" including every consumable item on this list. The recovery items are all Mind, the Mix Items vary but are mostly Mind, the Flame, Lightning, and Water scrolls are Fire, Lightning, and Water respectively, and the Shuriken, Fuuma Shuriken, and Ash are all Physical. She does not have the Omega Badge, Dragon Seal, Magic Lamp, Medal of Smiting, any item that teaches a summoner spell, or any Key Item except her Pendant, which is proof of her royal lineage.

Weapon-wise, she retained three of FFV's Legendary Weapons and also has a sizable stock of normal weapons.
> Sasuke's Katana: Physical. While she has it equipped, she has a flat 25% chance to Block a Physical attack that would hit her.
> Gaia Bell: Earth. While she has it equipped, it provides the same effect as Earth Amp (50% bonus to all Earth damage dealt), and it has a flat 25% chance to cast the Gaia skill Earthquake instead of its normal attack.
> Rune Axe: Physical. If Faris has SP left, the Rune Axe's physical attacks will consume some SP and force the attack to deal a critical hit.

Canon Baggage:
All of the pieces of the Fire Crystal.



►  Single Shot (Inflicts a small amount of Physical damage on one enemy.)
►  Agilao (Inflicts a medium amount of Fire damage on one enemy.)
►  Muzzle Shot (Inflicts a small amount of Physical damage with a 10% chance of Silence on one enemy.)
►  Marin Karin (40% chance of inflicting the Charm ailment on one target.(2 turns))
▷  Matarukaja (Increases all allies' Attack by 25%.(1 turn))
▷  Hama (30% chance of instant KO from the power of Light on one enemy.)
▷  Blade of Fury (Inflicts a medium amount of Physical damage two to four times on all enemies.)
▷  Rebellion (Greatly increases probability of critical hits for all battlers)
★   Black Frost (Inflicts medium Ice damage to one enemy and has a 30% chance to freeze the target)

►  Fire Boost ( Fire-based attacks are 25% times more effective.)
▷  Physical Amp (Increases Physical damage output by 50%.)
▷  Moneybags (Always gains an item after a battle with a creature (most common item, then normal roll for the rare))

Writing Sample

Faris honestly was only here for the grog. Everyone had recommended this place for the stuff, and so far she certainly hadn't found it anywhere else. After everything that had happened the last few days, she Needed A Freaking Drink.

And this is where she found it. The literal demons of the place supposedly had their way of the joint, but she'd take 'em all on if she had to. And she'd win, Persona or no Persona. Or that could just be the booze talking.

That, of course, was before she noticed what was happening at center stage. Some girl was...

...oh, my. That did not look good for her, 'cause there was probably only a matter of time before she'd end up doing that. I'm fine with my image, and I'm not gonna strip in front of an audience this large, she thought to herself, bathing herself once again in the electric rainbow lights. There had to be another place for a good one here, right? Right?
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[Faris hasn't even set this thing up yet. Just leave a message and she'll get back to it... eventually.]
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Destiny Strings-themed CR Chart created by [community profile] randoms_graphics
and adapted from [community profile] pixle_squared's Persona CR Charts
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So You Want To/Contact This User

For whatever reason, you've decided you want to tell me something. I can be reached using any of the below platforms, or you can just leave a comment on this post. Say whatever you want to. Now, if IP tracking were off (which it now is) and the veil of anonymity were on (which it sadly still isn't), I'd have zero idea who you were.

MUN: [personal profile] awestriker
AIM: awestrikernova
PLK:[ profile] awestriker
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Faris' current ability setup:

!Spellblade 6
!Rapid Fire

Ability Stock:
Open Fire (Gun: non-elemental damage and possible status effect)

Zeninage (Either: Use GP to damage enemies)
Mineuchi (Sword: May stun enemy, does not remove Confusion or Sleep)

Rapid Fire (Either: A series of weaker attacks)
Aim (Gun: An almost cost-free standard power ranged attack)

Red Mage:
Red L1 (Either Weapon: Cure, Libra, Poisona, Fire, Blizzard, Thunder)
Red L2 (at L20: Silence, Protect, Mini, Poison, Sleep, Toad)
Red L3 (at L40: Cura, Raise, Confuse, Fira, Blizzara, Thundara)

Mystic Knight:
Spellblade L1 (Sword: En-Fire, En-Blizzard, En-Thunder)
Spellblade L2 (Sword: En-Poison, En-Silence, En-Sleep)
Spellblade L3 (at L40; Sword: En-Fira, En-Blizzara, En-Thundara)
Spellblade L4 (Sword: En-Drain, En-Break, En-Bio)
Spellblade L5 (at L80; Sword: En-Firaga, En-Blizzaga, En-Thundaga)
Spellblade L6 (Sword: En-Holy, En-Flare, En-Osmose)

The effects of each Spellblade become stronger as Faris gains levels.

Guard (Generally superior to the ordinary Defend command)
Doublehand (Non-interfering; Sword: use two-handed grip to sharply increase attack power)
*Cover (Intercept physical attacks when possible)
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NAME: AweStriker, or just Awe for short

JOURNAL: awestriker


CONTACT INFO: (aim) AweStrikerNova, (tumblr) infinitescrollofawe, (plurk) awestriker

CHARACTERS PLAYED: Mia (Golden Sun) @ mercuryangel, Alcor (Devil Survivor 2) @ eightofseven



CHARACTER NAME: Faris Scherwiz (or, Sarisa Scherwil Tycoon)

SERIES: Final Fantasy V

CANON POINT: Post-game, almost immediately after having destroyed Neo-Exdeath (before the ending)

APPEARANCE: Character designer Yoshitaka Amano's artwork here; in-game appearance here.

DESIRED CLASS & REASONING: Adept Rogue (Steam Gunner/Blade Brandier). FFV uses a Job System, allowing for basically free-form customization of each playable character. However, Faris is a pirate by occupation and nothing quite says "pirate" like guns with swords.

There is a slight hiccup in the fact that guns don't exist in the FFV world, although cannons do (as demonstrated by the Advance version's Cannoneer job). But that should just make it more fun.


PERSONALITY: Faris, born Sarisa Scherwil Tycoon and rightful heir to Tycoon's throne, was, in fact, raised by pirates, having been knocked off her father's ship in a storm when she was a wee lass (as she would put it). Because of this, she more often than not comes across as a man (to my knowledge, the only person to ever immediately identify her as female is Gilgamesh), but quickly gets over it if her true sex is revealed (well, if she needs to get over it, anyway). Her life up until the beginning of the game also gave her something of a selfish streak, as well as leadership skills from being a captain.


When, however, the rest of her party (Bartz, Galuf, and Lenna) sneaks into their hideout and attempts to steal their ship, she shows a softer side of herself, stirred on by her curiosity at Lenna's possession of a pendant identical to her own. Shortly thereafter she is named as a Warrior of Light, representing Fire, the element of Courage.


Over the course of the game she continues to display her bravery, often being the first to respond to a stressful situation (such as at North Mountain, when Lenna is shot with a poisoned arrow.), and also coming to the realization that Lenna is indeed her sister, becoming very protective of her. She also now has a deep love for her "Papa", the late King of Tycoon.





[Faris looked at the weapon in her hands and didn't have a clue what to do with it.]


[It had a blade, but the grip wasn't right for slashing. She'd had the powers of quite a few heroes before her, and none of them seemed like they'd held anything ilke this.]


[Eh, at least she still had a sword. She was expecting to be attacked, or encounter monsters, at any moment; she had a weapon she knew how to use; she had a task that was right up her alley - as if someone needed to ask a pirate to go treasure hunting.]


[Sure, she'd taken a break from piracy now that she was a Warrior of Light, but the treasure hunting rather conveniently remained, even if it was usually incidental to saving the world... no, worlds.]


[Which brought her to this place. It certainly wouldn't have been out of place in the Rift. Was it part of the Rift? Whoever built it must have been somethin' else, if that was the case.]


[A goblin dared to attack her. She cleaved it in half without a second thought and moved on.]




(Not necessary, as I run two characters already.)



Her canon abilities are linked to her Crystal shards, which will be locked in her inventory until Level 20. She'll have what she was "equipped" with (Spellblade and Rapid Fire, no Dual Wield) until then.


I am rerunning the game with the abilities she'll get eventually! 


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